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About Us

We are a software services company founded in 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia with a vision of streamlined accuracy and workflow. Born from years of experience in government-regulated environments, SwiftXi aims to leverage automation of manual tasks to reduce costs, improve accuracy and efficiency, and enable the transformation of data in complex environments to actionable intelligence


Our proprietary software platform, ARBITER, is a fully modular and extensible data source manager, capable of configuration-driven consumption of virtually any form of external source data, deployable in virtually any environment on any data set. Reporting outputs are fully customizable, and are tailored to the needs of your company



In development.



SWIFTXI IS AWARDED PHASE I FUNDING: 9.03.19 Charlottesville, VA- SwiftXi is pleased to announce a new SBIR Phase I award to test its proprietary software, SwiftSDV, a new approach to overseeing data quality in clinical trials. The NIH SBIR award, from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences aims at demonstrating a proof of concept software tool that will automate source data verification by cross referencing information from a subject’s electronic medical record and clinical trial database to allow clinical researchers to quickly identify incongruent data and protocol deviations while improving the speed, cost efficiency, and accuracy of clinical trial monitoring.